Welcome to the Minnaoverse!

This document is provided by the Team as Whitepaper for the Minnao NFT Collection. Last update July 18th 2022


The Minnao NFT Collection

The Minnao NFTs represent a collection being an innovative farm-as-a-service mechanism, where each NFT represents a share of a Treasury.

Our goal is to create an initial investment capital capable of generating profits that will be distributed periodically to the owners. As the treasury grows, the yields provided by the Minnao NFTs will also increase.

Each NFT will have a backing price, determined and guaranteed by an allocated portion of the treasury, thus making it liquid and therefore going to reach over time a backing value superior to the minting price as the treasury grows in size.

Furthermore, the community will be frequently called to vote to establish how the treasury will be used: stablecoins, early investing on new crypto gems, launchpad tokens or even other NFTs with excellent potential, every means necessary to increase the treasury itself and consequently the periodically paid dividends.

Note that the collection will expand through multiple blockchains, building a real "Minnaoverse" among them.

Find out more about our vision in the next sections.

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