🌵The Collection

The NFT Collection, backed by a Treasury, empowers the NFT owners of DAO, giving them juicy airdrops and more.

Treasury driven

The Minnao NFT Collection will have a multichain approach, according to the nature of the Minnaoverse and our vision.

Often in DeFi we see a rotation of capital between the various blockchains, and we do not want to get emotionally attached to any of them but rather follow the liquidity and the most profitable opportunities for our Treasury.

Plus, not all users may be familiar with every blockchain, so we want to expand to as many blockchains as possible to meet the needs of as many holders as possible.

In this regard, we do not want to reveal much yet, because first we want to start with our protocol and show how rewarding it can be to receive weekly airdrops in stablecoins, effortlessly.

So, although we are excited and can't wait to share more details with the community, we must first show everyone who we are, and how much potential the Minnao Collection has!

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