Not regular NFTs

Explore the Minnaoverse, thorns and cactus themed NFTs deployed over the multichain universe.
NFTs are still misunderstood by most people, even in crypto. We want to show everyone their potential, giving them real value and enhancing their use cases. The Minnaos are not just regular NFTs. They empower the owner with features including having a tradable NFT which represents a share of the treasury, periodically airdrops of stablecoins, being part of a lovely community actively engaged in the treasury management and having weekly psychological tips to improve their life on our exclusive private club on socials.
Holding a Minnao NFT in your wallet will not give you only happiness and good luck (it’s well known that a Minnao cactus is a powerful tool for happiness, especially through petting its thongs), but periodic rewards!
The goal of our project is to grow over time a huge treasury, bringing benefits directly to the holders. We aim to do it through sustainable methods,we are not here to earn off the holders (many NFT projects keep up to 100% of the minting price!). We are as much as invested as each of you, planning to earn from the enormous growth of the treasury over time, being able to grant a backing price to each NFT and of course be entitled to a periodic passive income paid in stablecoins.
The advantage for Minnao holders is twofold: first of all, the user does not have to expose himself to the price of a token, with all that follows. Often these farming tokens are very inflationary, resulting overall in a loss. Moreover you are exposed to its price action, manipulation by whales, presellers, and to the general market trend. With our lovely Minnaos, the achieved effect instead will be the opposite: they will increase in value over time thanks to their increasing backing price, and the rewards will be distributed in stablecoins, totally unaffected by the sentiment of the market!