The Minnao cacti in the Web3

Finding great yield through stablecoin farming is always a challenge. Liquidity is mercenary, and yields tend to fluctuate very easily. Our team will always seek for the best opportunities, considering migrating the Treasury to other blockchains and dapps when the revenues drop, aiming to farm at the best apy available.

The next key point to consider is the array of strategies we want to put in place. It is often inconvenient for a user with limited capital to operate on certain blockchains or carry out particular strategies because the fees could have a significant impact on their invested capital, making the whole effort vain. Another example may be given by money markets, where deposit and borrowing fees are generally high and certain strategies involving loops would be prohibitive for many. A conspicuous treasury will be less affected by fees and will consequently provide a higher income to the NFTs owners.

The value of the Minnao NFTs is closely linked to the value of the Treasury itself, therefore as the treasury grows, the backing price of the NFTs will increase accordingly.

In fact, every holder of the NFTs is the owner of a share of the whole Treasury. This mechanism guarantees equal exposure in terms of investment and earnings to all the holders.

Unlike many similar projects that reward holders with a proprietary token, we plan to distribute exclusively stablecoins. This is a huge advantage for our community: stablecoins are not subject to the whims of the market, and the fact that we do not distribute rewards using an inflationary token protects Minnao owners from volatile prices or market manipulations.

Moreover, the Minnao token itself represents a share of the Treasury without being subject to inflation, an issue present in many token dilution mechanisms, a common tokenomics concern.

Furthermore, owning a Minnao NFT will allow you to participate to the voting sessions of the DAO, to get guaranteed access to the whitelist for upcoming collections on other chains and exclusive access to our private Discord server, the perfect place to stay updated about the best opportunities in DeFi.

Last but not least, the NFTs will maintain their own value in the secondary market, which will reflect the success of the project itself and the well-being of the Treasury. Any user will be able to mint the NFT, obtain stablecoin periodic airdrops and eventually resell it in the future (likely at a higher price).

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