Philosophy and Psychology

This section will provide just a glimpse into the amazing Minnao’s World. It's not simply a tool to invest: there is a lot more to discover.

How this project is born?

The concept behind Minnao was born in 2008, through the developing of an original idea resulted in the publication of a book of poetry back in 2009, more than ten years ago. This project wants to shine on them a new life, with the aim of bringing to a new modern community unique utilities thanks to innovative NFT technology. This is the starting point for us to create new amazing features, intertwined to our beloved cacti.

Why do you need a Minnao?

Stop with the dictatorship of orgasm! Stop with the technicality of sexuality... it is our more intimate sphere and must remain spontaneous!
We defend our sexuality from intrusions... from performance anxiety... from billing requests... from comparisons… We must start to talk to our partner - spoken words do not strip away the magic, just the opposite! Minnao cacti help us to better understand and restore our dignity in this world.
Make love, do it well and do it whenever you want! Be always careful with electricity and risky practices, all the rest is fair play! Just free your imagination, and activate respect and consent. If possible, keep a cactus on the bedside table or on the lawn or wherever you do it. And when you reach the climax, think of the Minnaos: everything will be even more beautiful!

Make yourself a gift: adopt today a Minnao!

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