Ask to the cactus!

Where can I Mint?

Right here on our website using Metamask, Crypto.com DeFi Wallet or other wallets of your choice with a DAPP browser. The Price will be in CRO and our guides on Discord and Medium are there to help. Always feel free to ask one of our community or team members for more info.

How to join the Whitelist?

There will be spots on the Whitelist for those who accomplish certain tasks related to our Minnao collection. Some of these tasks can be accomplished only in the real world, and we can't wait to see you taking part in these challenges!

Stay tuned for more details, and don't forget to follow us on our socials! We will host regular contests and giveaways there as well!

The Minnao NFTs are multichain. What if being a holder could give you some advantages in the future once our beloved cacti take off to a new dimension?

Do you do Collab / Partnerships?

We have plans to make strategic partnerships and we already have a bunch of options, check our Roadmap for insights... we will update it on weekly base!

Why to invest in Minnao NFTs?

The Minnao NFTs are a new NFT collection, backed by a growing treasury. Every Minnao NFT has a backed value in stablecoin and grants an interest yield, airdropped periodically directly in your wallet.

Why are Minnao NFTs a safe investment, and what do they offer more than staking stablecoins on a Cex?

The backing treasury cannot never be withdrawn, therefore the NFT value may only increase. The aim of the project is to build a DAO with a decentralized growing treasury. Full details of further capabilities will be announced in future. Participating in the project will give you yield from stablecoin farming, plus the benefits of the Minnao strategies and related mechanisms.

How can I monitor the treasury?

In the website you will find a dedicated section where you can monitor the treasury anytime.

What is the backing price of the Minnao NFTs?

The treasury value dedicated to the backing value (initially equals to the 5% of the total) is divided by the number of existing Minnao NFTs. Thus each Minnao has a backed value in stablecoins. This gives stability to the floor price and a real value to the NFT. This treasury allocation cannot be withdrawn, and part of the yield generated by each Minnaos will be used to further expand the treasury and therefore their backing price itself.

Why should we trust the team: KYC? Audit?

A portion of the revenues from the mint events will be used by the team to apply for Audit. The team will do a private KYC with selected partners for collabs with valuable projects around the blockchains. In the same way, this project will never ask for KYC from the NFT owners (there are already CEXes for that). There will be public AMAs in order to establish a deep & healthy connection between the Minnao Team and the Community.

Is the treasury secured by a multi-sig wallet?

The treasury's percentage backing the Minnao collection with stablecoins is secured by a multisig wallet. You can monitor it since the blockchain is public and transparent. The remaining part of the treasury, the one to be employed to generate yields through the different strategies run by the team, will be not public to avoid front-runs and copy-trading. Periodic reports will be published on our website and our socials to keep you updated on the outcome of our strategies.

How can I sell my Minnao NFT?

The best way to exit our project is by just selling the Minnao NFT in a secondary marketplace. We have in our Roadmap to be listed on a secondary marketplace on every chain where each mint event is held, in order to give users a chance to buy or sell Minnaos easily.

How does the reward distribution work?

The yields generated by the treasury will be shared and distributed via airdrop to all the Minnao NFT holders. You will find your share directly in your wallet. To know when the airdrop occurs, make sure to follow our social channels!

What can we do as DAO?

Each Minnao NFT you own comes with voting powers, giving you the chance to drive the strategies and contribute to decisions taken in the project. We want you to decide as a community how we should proceed to increase the value of the treasury and the amazing Minnao NFT Collection!

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