The treasury is secured by a multisig wallet.

It will be initially organized in two parts:

  • 5% in stablecoins only, representing the backed price of the NFT Collection. Each NFT will have an equal share of this part of the treasury.

  • 95% in strategic allocation: stablecoins and other variable asset.

The largest part of the treasury has the role to increase the backing price of the NFT collection and to provide extra-airdrops to the Minnao holders. This will be possible because it will generate a variable yield depending on market conditions and opportunities.

The frequent voting sessions will play a key role in determining the different treasury allocations, both in terms of percentage of allocation in stablecoins and in terms of sectors in which to invest.

The treasury collects a portion of the Minting Fees and a percentage of the Secondary Market Fees as well.

Good to know: on the official website it will be possible to monitor the allocations of the treasury, to track how the funds are invested according to the decisions of the community, to observe the exponential growth of the treasury and the various proposals and vote results.

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